Wandersong studio’s Chicory: A Colorful Tale headed to PS4 and PS5

February 18, 2021

Time to crack out the watercolors, as publisher Finji has announced that the charming painting adventure Chicory: A Vibrant Fable is making the jump from PC to PS4 and PS5 later in 2021.

DesGaming Origined by Greg Lobanov, the creative thoughts in the assist of 2018’s musical puzzler Wandersong, Chicory: A Vibrant Fable sees players data a creatively minded Correct Boy by a gorgeous horrible, monochromatic world, whereas the utilization of their enchanted paintbrush to clear up puzzles, overcome obstacles and, most importantly, add a cramped bit colour to the ambiance, soft the titular Chicory, fresh wielder of a sturdy relic simply is famous as “The Brush.”

Wandersong studio's Chicory: A Colorful Tale headed to PS4 and PS5 screenshot

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