Xbox Series X’s backward compatibility is great and it’s getting even better with FPS Boost

February 18, 2021

Microsoft has outdone itself with backward compatibility on Xbox, to the point the set apart – in the absence of most continuously scheduled substantial-hitting exclusives – it’s one of many major selling substances for the platform. And it will get better: with a brand original FPS Boost characteristic, sure video games will dash even smoother on Xbox Series X/S.

As outlined on the unique time by Microsoft, FPS Boost will work in the help of the scenes to make a selection employ out Xbox One titles to 60 frames per 2d or, in some cases, 120fps. The interior personnel says it has “partnered carefully with builders to present a pick to the trip while maintaining the sport’s authentic intent.”

You would possibly per chance behold the outcomes in circulation with this diagnosis from Digital Foundry:

To birth with, FPS Boost can be readily available in the market in a handful of video games on Xbox Series X/S – Unique Enormous Lucky’s Narrative, Thought Dogs 2, A long way Bawl 4, Sniper Elite 4, and UFC 4 – ahead of rolling out to a valuable wider selection.

The starting up lineup is a sampler of what is doable. I’m sure Xbox followers are already sending in requests.

“Starting up this Spring, you could crawl into the ‘AssGaming Origin of residing up Sport’ piece for any title, the set apart you are going to be presented with a brand original ‘Compatibility Suggestions’ button that can enable you to toggle FPS Boost (to boot to Auto HDR) on or off,” acknowledged senior program manager Paul Eng. “There will moreover be a brand original indicator informing you when a sport is working with FPS Boost every time you hit the Xbox Button on your controller. You to advance to a resolution how it’s likely you’ll presumably well like to play your favorite video games, whether or now not in its authentic fabricate or with FPS Boost.”

It be chilly to test Microsoft fabricate its backward-compatibility initiative such a precedence, particularly when there are above-and-previous perks sprinkled in that need minute to no effort from the authentic sport creators. I wish Sony used to be prepared to crawl to these forms of lengths to bolster its legacy platforms.

On a happier demonstrate, I’m appropriate tickled to test frame charges topic this valuable in the console space.

Xbox Series X's backward compatibility is great and it's getting even better with FPS Boost screenshot